Barbell Biceps Curl: How To, Advantages, Variations


Google the time period “biceps curl,” and also you’ll recover from 20 million hits. There isn’t a scarcity of details about this beloved muscle group and its hottest train. Suppose again to your first time in a health club while you didn’t know a lot about lifting. Was one of many first workout routines you carried out a biceps curl? (Be trustworthy.)

Biceps curls are a type of workout routines in which you’ll watch your self in a mirror with delight when your arm swells after each curl. And nobody will bat an eyelid while you pull up your sleeve and bust open a biceps flex pose. With a multitude of variations, there’s one curl that will get misplaced within the wash like a disappearing pair of socks.

That’s the barbell biceps curl.

If it’s been some time since you will have carried out a barbell biceps curl, and that you must get acquainted with this glorious bicep variation, that is for you. Right here we’ll dive into this old-school train to your biceps flexing pleasure.

What’s the Barbell Biceps Curl?

There are numerous variations of the bicep curl however just one barbell bicep curl. Utilizing both a supinated (underhand grip) or a reverse (pronated grip), grip the barbell tightly whereas curling as much as your shoulders. The fantastic thing about the barbell curl is that the barbell locks you into a selected vary of movement, which lets you load up greater than most different biceps variations.

Easy methods to do The Barbell Biceps Curl

  1. Grip the barbell with an underhand grip round shoulder-width, along with your chest up, shoulders down, and the barbell in entrance of your thighs.
  2. Retaining your higher arms by your facet and your higher again engaged, curl the barbell as much as your anterior deltoids.
  3. Whereas maintaining an upright stance and feeling a contraction in your biceps—decrease right down to the beginning place and reset and repeat.

Muscle groups Skilled

Nicely, you realize one as a result of it’s within the title, however different muscle tissues are skilled with the barbell biceps curls that permit the biceps to do their job. Listed below are the first muscle tissues skilled by the barbell biceps curl.

  • Biceps Brachii: (brief and lengthy head) are the first muscle tissues of elbow flexion. Whether or not you utilize a large or slim grip determines which bicep head is concentrated on extra.
  • Brachialis(forearm flexor): A strong flexor of the elbow joint that crosses the elbow joint.
  • Brachioradialis (forearm flexor): Related perform to the brachialis however activated much less throughout the barbell biceps curl.
  • Anterior Deltoid: The biceps additionally cross the shoulder joint; it assists the anterior deltoid with shoulder flexion, which happens close to the top of the curl’s vary of movement.
  • Higher Again (isometrically): Retaining your chest up and shoulders down retains you in good lifting posture as a result of the load is anterior to you, pulling you ahead.

3 Barbell Biceps Curl Advantages

Clearly, for larger biceps, after all. Resulting from its relative stability, the barbell variation means that you can use extra weight than different biceps variations for higher measurement and energy. Have you ever ever seen a lifter curling large weights who didn’t have large arms? I relaxation my case.

Listed below are another little-known advantages of barbell biceps curl.

  • Improved Shoulder Stability: As a result of the biceps have two heads, the brief head originating on the high of the scapula and the lengthy head simply above the shoulder joint, each help the rotator cuff with shoulder stability, primarily via the anterior shoulder.
  • Sneaky Shoulder Strengthener: Because the biceps originate in and across the shoulder joint, additionally they play a secondary position in shoulder flexion. Plus, each biceps muscle tissues are activated to assist your anterior deltoid when performing shoulder flexion workout routines. So, biceps curls sneakily strengthen the shoulders. However the cherry on high is the shoulder blades’ stabilizer muscle tissues; the lat’s, rhomboids, and decrease traps are engaged isometrically to stop the shoulders from rolling ahead when performing curls.
  • Improved Pulling Efficiency: You might have heard the time period; You’re solely as robust as your weakest hyperlink. Because the biceps play a significant position with every part rows and pull-ups, wouldn’t it’s a disgrace for the biceps to provide out earlier than you’ve maxed out your shoulders and again? Since you’re solely as robust as your weakest hyperlink, having stronger biceps will solely assist construct a robust and muscular again.

3 Frequent Barbell Biceps Curl Errors

The barbell biceps curl is fairly simple, however to get the most effective out of this superior bicep builder, it’s greatest to keep away from these widespread errors.

  1. Too A lot Physique English: There’s a time and place to make use of slightly physique of English to complete a rep, however we’re not discussing this right here. If you’re utilizing your decrease physique and decrease again to finish a rep, you might be getting it carried out, however you’re taking rigidity off the biceps, and isn’t this the purpose of the train? Don’t let your ego get in the way in which of flex time.
  2. Don’t Quick Your self: Because of the angle of performing barbell biceps curls, the underside of the rep with the elbows prolonged is a difficult start line to curve from. Due to this, significantly when a lifter will get fatigued, they keep away from this and don’t undergo a full vary of movement. Doing so leaves positive aspects on the desk. There’s a time and a spot for partial ROM lifts, however isolation workout routines just like the biceps curl aren’t one in all them.
  3. Not Locking The Elbows In: If you need most rigidity in your biceps, your higher arms have to be locked in and stationary. In case your elbow drifts ahead or flares out to the facet, this takes the stress OFF the biceps and onto the shoulders.
Young muscular college male and teen bodybuilder flexing his biceps for bigger arms in the mirror after his college schedule workout

High 3 Biceps Coaching Ideas

Mechanical rigidity (the quantity of weight) is the principle driver for muscle development, and only some different train instruments construct extra muscle than the barbell. However time underneath rigidity and altering your grip or physique place are different strategies to progress your barbell biceps curl.

Listed below are three tricks to get the most effective out of this glorious train.

  • Focusing On The Quick Or Lengthy Head: You can not really isolate every head however emphasize one over the opposite, which is finished by altering your grip and arm angle. A wider grip (than shoulder width) emphasizes the brief head, and a narrower grip (than shoulder width) will concentrate on the lengthy head. Altering your grip is an underrated technique of development.
  • Suppose Stress, Not Weight: There’s at all times the temptation to emphasise weight over rigidity as a result of, you realize, ego and funky issue. Use a weight that means that you can do your reps with good kind and to really feel your biceps working. Physique English has its place and going to failure too, however with isolation workout routines like biceps curls, you’re higher off specializing in rigidity and never weight.
  • Use Tempo: Tempo and rigidity are two sides of the identical coin. Every rep has 4 components the eccentric (decreasing), backside, concentric, and lockout, and every quantity is represented by what number of seconds this takes.

For instance, the “3212” tempo barbell curl—takes three seconds to decrease, a two-second pause on the backside, adopted by one second to elevate it, and a two-second squeeze on the high of the rep. Lifting with tempo places the muscle underneath rigidity longer, a essential think about constructing your biceps.

Barbell Biceps Curl Programming Solutions

You’ll be able to program barbell biceps curls in a number of methods as a result of, you realize, biceps. When performing barbell biceps curls on higher or full physique day, it’s best to coach the compound strikes first as a result of fatiguing your biceps earlier than you want them for rows, chin-ups, and many others., most certainly means lifting much less weight or reps.

Listed below are a couple of recommendations for programming barbell biceps curls.

Exercise Finisher

On the finish of your coaching, grip an unloaded barbell and carry out 50 curls within the least quantity of units doable. When you possibly can carry out two units to get to 50 reps, add 5 to 10 kilos and go once more.

Compound/Isolation Superset

When larger arms and never again is a purpose utilizing a compound train that pre-fatigues the biceps paired with barbell biceps curls will result in elevated time underneath rigidity and flex time. It goes towards the recommendation above however solely use this technique sparingly to alter issues up. As an illustration

1A. Underhand grip Inverted row 8 to fifteen reps

1B. Barbell Biceps Curls 12 to twenty reps

Listed below are a couple of normal suggestions for energy, muscle, and muscular endurance.

  • For Power: Doing three to 5 units of 4 to 6 reps with an elevated load works nicely for energy.
  • For Muscle Development: Three to 5 units of eight to fifteen repetitions utilizing tempo (advised above) and making a mind-muscle reference to them to ‘really feel” them rising.
  • For Endurance: Two to a few units of 15 repetitions, utilizing solely brief relaxation durations, may have you feeling the burn.

Barbell Biceps Curl Variations

The usual barbell biceps curl is nice, however to maintain issues recent and to progress, take these different variations out for a spin. Your biceps can be happy.