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When the archaeologists of the longer term excavate our society and discover our hieroglyphs, what do you suppose they’ll make of this one?

It’s clearly a human determine. Above it’s one other smaller human on a bicycle, and beneath it’s an arrow indicating his crotch. I suppose so much will rely on whether or not no matter civilization succeeds ours nonetheless makes use of bikes. If that’s the case, perhaps they’ll work it out ultimately. If not, they might simply assume it’s a pictograph describing how infants are made.

And what’s going to they consider the tiny homes we constructed for birds?

Birds don’t want us to construct them homes, and but we do it anyway:

The truth is, not solely will we construct them homes, however we then create hen housing applications and inform folks they don’t get to construct the birds homes with out first acquiring permission from the federal government:

Why? Are the homes topic to the constructing code? Does the county must assess them with the intention to levy taxes on them? Or is it merely a matter of making certain the homes are in line with the character of the neighborhood?

I imply you wouldn’t need somebody coming an extended and constructing one in all these:

I’m assuming these birds are Photoshopped in there. No manner a hen would go wherever close to that factor, it seems manner an excessive amount of like one thing you’d discover at a rooster joint:

I’m positive I’ve talked about this quote earlier than, however we’re speaking about birds right here so I’ll point out it once more:

Have a look at the birds of the air, that they don’t sow, nor reap nor collect into barns, and but your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not value rather more than they?

As an alternative, not solely will we obsess about our personal worries and needs an excessive amount of, however we then venture them onto the birds. And there’s your $289 Bauhaus birdhouse.

In the meantime, the birds do what they need, when they need, and the way they need to do it:

Simply as NIMBYs will struggle all new improvement but construct homes for the birds, motorists are extra thoughtful in the direction of geese crossing the road with goslings than they’re in the direction of human mother and father crossing with youngsters.

As for me, if I’m going to burn up my time I’d a lot fairly journey bikes than construct birdhouses:

Having renewed our vows, the newly-refinished Milwaukee and I are nonetheless very a lot within the honeymoon section, and also you’ve bought to confess the colour actually seems nice in opposition to an algae backdrop:

When you’re a traditionalist, it’s very straightforward to ascribe sinister motives to the bike business, which is why I attempt to keep perspective and provides it the advantage of the doubt. On the similar time, take into account the medium attain brake:

Literature is replete with symbols of guilt. “Out, rattling spot!,” utters Girl Macbeth. “I admit the deed! –tear up the planks! right here, right here! –It’s the beating of his hideous coronary heart!,” cries, uh, the man from “The Inform-Story Coronary heart.” The bike business must be equally suffering from the medium attain brake, which on highway bikes solves the entire issues the disc brake purports to resolve, however which they resolutely refused to inventory on any their bicycles. As an alternative, all of the highway bikes had quick attain brakes with no clearance, or else if it was a drop bar bike with clearance it had cantilevers.

Now, I can guarantee you I’ve nothing however fondness and appreciation for the cantilever brake:

Nonetheless, there’s no denying that in the event you’re not the hands-on sort they could be a problem. So when the bike business began cranking out “consolation” highway bikes within the early aughts, how come they didn’t simply put medium attain brakes on them? As an alternative, both they made a motorcycle with a tall headtube however the identical quick attain brakes and concomitant lack of tire and fender clearance, or a “touring” or “cyclocross” or “touring and/or cyclocross” bike with cantis. Think about Specialised–who, being Specialised–would have you ever consider they invented the thought of the comfy highway bike:

But it had quick attain brakes! Looking back, it’s insane that the medium attain brake was not the usual for all however essentially the most hyper-focussed race bikes. There’s no discernible distinction in efficiency between a brief attain and a medium attain brake, and you could possibly in all probability make up for the burden distinction with a better shave. But they simply accommodate 32mm tires:

Or fenders:

Each of which I’ve used usually on this bike over time.

I’m positive extra educated folks will listing all of the mainstream bikes that got here with medium attain brakes that I’m lacking, however so far as I bear in mind over the previous 25 years the one manufacturing highway bike that leaps to thoughts (at the least right here in AMERICA) is the Large Defy–which I appear to recollect had them, however I wouldn’t swear to it:

Bicycling really invited me to take part in that 12 months’s Editors’ Alternative confab–I used to be invited by then editor-in-chief Peter Flax, who has since disavowed me. For the report, this was the very best bike that I rode whereas I used to be there, and even when I’m remembering mistaken in regards to the brakes it additionally stood out as a result of it was the one bike I rode that had 25mm tires! How instances have modified.

However sure, that apart, so far as producing sporty highway bikes that additionally had respectable clearance and brakes that didn’t require a protractor and an hour studying Sheldon Brown to regulate, all of the bike business needed to do was design them with medium attain brakes throughout the board. As an alternative, they simply performed dumb and pretended there was nothing they might do about it…till they wanted a brake system that labored with their silly crabon rims, after which all of the sudden it was bikes with CLEARANCE, CLEARANCE, CLEARANCE!!!

Properly hey, waddya know, wider tires have been quicker in spite of everything, now isn’t that CONVENIENT!?!

After all you could possibly have been using these wire tires all alongside. However you want wider rims to benefit from the wider tires, proper? And that requires disc brakes, doesn’t it? I dunno–even plump tire pusher Jan Heine himself says slim rims are simply positive.

Oddly the business by no means appears to have taken a small tweak to the present commonplace (a barely longer brake) significantly, but as soon as they got here up with one thing that required you to get new every thing the tires overrated like I do once I eat wheat:

I assume we’ve simply bought to maintain constructing these birdhouses.