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After making headlines as a miracle weight reduction drug, Ozempic is again within the information. This time, the diabetes medicine is beneath research for its potential to deal with Alzheimer’s illness.

“Alzheimer’s illness has additionally been referred to as ‘diabetes type-III,’ so it’s hopeful that in delicate cognitive impairment or early-stage Alzheimer’s illness, sufferers with metabolic syndrome together with insulin resistance or frank diabetes will profit from remedies for diabetes just like the GLP-1 agonists,” David Merrill, M.D., Ph.D., an grownup and geriatric psychiatrist at Pacific Mind Well being Heart in Santa Monica, instructed Healthline. “These medicine present nice promise in slowing or stopping onset of cognitive decline in these in danger for Alzheimer’s illness.”

Alzheimer’s is without doubt one of the hardest neurological issues to handle. About 6.7 million Individuals 65 years and older reside with Alzheimer’s—and this quantity is rising quick. A 2022 research predicts an estimated 153 million individuals worldwide will develop Alzheimer’s by 2050. But regardless of the alarming fee of instances, scientists have had little headway to find a remedy. 

It’s troublesome to pinpoint a single explanation for Alzheimer’s and create an efficient remedy round it. However neuroscience researchers hope that Ozempic’s versatility as a drug may assist decelerate cognitive decline in a number of methods.

The injectable drug is FDA-approved to assist adults with kind 2 diabetes enhance their blood sugar ranges. It mimics a intestine hormone referred to as GLP-1 and binds to its receptor. This interplay alerts the pancreas it’s time to launch insulin, permitting blood sugar to go down. However one of many unwanted effects of this receptor exercise is that it slows down how briskly meals strikes by the digestive tract, leaving you with a sense of fullness.

It’s the satiety side-effect that pushed Ozempic into TikTok stardom as a miracle weight-reduction plan hack. The drug went viral with the hashtag #Ozempic, garnering over 600 million views. Including to the hype had been celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Mindy Kaling, who’re imagined to have used Ozempic to lose a dramatic quantity of weight in a brief interval. Even Elon Musk jumped on the pattern and publicly credited it on Twitter for serving to him get match. Ozempic turned so excessive in demand it prompted a international drug scarcity, with diabetic customers feeling the total brunt of it.

Insulin resistance

One concept is that insulin resistance causes Alzheimer’s since impaired sugar metabolism is normally a signal of illness. Usually, insulin reduces blood sugar ranges by transferring glucose from the blood into cells. The glucose is then transformed into vitality for cells to make use of. When insulin signaling is impaired, cells are basically starved from being unable to absorb glucose. 

With glucose as the first vitality supply for the mind, it gained’t be capable of operate correctly. Disruptions in metabolic processes may then drive the clumping of amyloid-beta plaques that kill mind cells. In assist of this concept, extra research have discovered insulin resistance and low glucose metabolism within the mind as good predictors of reminiscence issues in midlife.

Ozempic may assist ship insulin to this glucose-starved organ. What’s extra, Ozempic won’t even have to cross the blood-brain barrier—the mind’s final protection in opposition to micro organism, viruses, and different harmful toxins. Nonetheless, a 2023 research printed in Mind discovered insulin receptors outdoors the blood-brain barrier. 

“Earlier than this research, the accepted view was that insulin crossed the blood-brain barrier to behave primarily on neurons and astrocytes,” Frederic Calon, Ph.D., a biochemist-pharmacist at Laval College in Canada, instructed Fierce Biotech. “We had been shocked to detect that solely a really small quantity of insulin is definitely transported throughout the blood-brain barrier.” The findings open the best way for every kind of diabetic medicine like Ozempic to be examined as a part of an Alzheimer’s remedy routine. 


One impact of Alzheimer’s is persistent irritation within the mind. Researchers have discovered elevated irritation ranges in individuals with Alzheimer’s, and this will likely have a hand in creating amyloid-beta plaques. Moreover, excessive ranges of irritation can injury the blood-brain barrier—an indication of Alzheimer’s—and make it tougher for the mind to filter out toxins.

Analysis reveals Ozempic is efficient at dampening irritation within the physique, so it wouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a stretch to seek out it could do the identical within the mind.

Amyloid-beta clumps

A trademark of Alzheimer’s is the buildup of sticky plaques within the mind. As extra clump collectively between neurons, they may set off an immune response that causes surrounding cells to die. Moreover, tangles inside cells can block nutrient processes, ravenous neurons.

Since GLP-1 receptors are within the mind, Ozempic could in some way change mind exercise and decelerate the event of the illness. There may be even some analysis to counsel Ozempic may cut back amyloid-beta plaques, even when scientists don’t fully perceive how. For instance, the authors of a 5-year research noticed decrease charges of dementia in individuals with kind 2 diabetes taking Ozempic than people who didn’t.

Two scientific trials, each launched in 2021, are learning how each day doses of Ozempic have an effect on cognition in individuals with early Alzheimer’s. The trials will run for 3 years.