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Prawns and shrimp are two standard seafood choices that usually discover their manner onto our plates. These crustaceans, though related in some ways, have distinct traits that set them aside. One of many key elements to think about when evaluating prawns and shrimp is their dietary composition. Understanding the dietary variations between these two delicacies may also help people make knowledgeable decisions about their dietary preferences and well being targets. Whether or not you’re aiming to extend your protein consumption, scale back your fats consumption, or incorporate particular nutritional vitamins and minerals into your food regimen, realizing the distinctions between prawns and shrimp can information your decision-making course of.

On this article, we are going to delve into the dietary composition of prawns and shrimp, exploring their calorie content material, protein and fats ranges, in addition to the nutritional vitamins and minerals they supply. Moreover, we are going to look at the well being advantages related to consuming prawns and shrimp, reminiscent of their omega-3 fatty acid content material and antioxidant properties. Moreover, we are going to talk about numerous concerns to remember when selecting between prawns and shrimp, together with allergic reactions and cooking strategies.

Prawn and Shrimp: Distinction In Bodily Traits 

Prawns and shrimp have distinct variations of their look, which may also help differentiate between the 2. Listed here are some key traits:

  1. Dimension: Prawns are typically bigger than shrimp. They will vary in dimension from small to jumbo, with some prawns rising as much as a foot in size. Shrimp, then again, are usually smaller in dimension, with the common size starting from 1 to six inches.
  1. Physique Form: Prawns have an extended, extra elongated physique form in comparison with shrimp. Their our bodies are usually straighter and extra slender. In distinction, shrimp have a curved physique form, forming a definite “C” or “S” form.
  1. Physique Segments: Prawns have three distinct physique segments: the top, thorax, and stomach. The pinnacle is usually bigger and extra distinguished, with well-developed pincers. Shrimp even have three physique segments, however their heads are normally smaller and fewer pronounced in comparison with prawns.
  1. Legs and Pincers: Prawns and shrimp each have 10 legs, however their pincers differ in construction. Prawns have bigger, extra muscular pincers on their first three pairs of legs, which they use for capturing prey and defence. Shrimp have smaller pincers and are usually much less muscular.
  1. Colouration: The colouration of prawns and shrimp can range relying on the species and habitat. Prawns typically have a darker colouration, starting from brownish to deep pink and even black. Shrimp, then again, can exhibit a wider vary of colors, together with shades of pink, gray, brown, and greenish tones.
  1. Shell Texture: Prawns typically have a rougher, extra textured shell in comparison with shrimp. Their shells may be spiny and have a thicker, barely more durable texture. Shrimp shells are usually smoother and softer.

It’s essential to notice that the looks of prawns and shrimp can range amongst completely different species and geographical areas. In some circumstances, there could also be overlapping bodily traits, making it difficult to tell apart between the 2 solely based mostly on look. When unsure, it’s finest to confer with the particular species or seek the advice of with seafood consultants to make sure correct identification.

Dietary Composition Of Prawn and Shrimp

Caloric Content material

  • Prawns typically comprise round 115-120 energy per 100 grams. The calorie content material can range based mostly on the particular species, dimension, and cooking methodology.
  • Shrimp usually have roughly 85-90 energy per 100 grams. Once more, the precise calorie rely could range relying on the species, dimension, and preparation.

Protein Content material

  • Prawns are identified for his or her excessive protein content material. They supply roughly 20-24 grams of protein per 100 grams. Protein is essential for muscle improvement, tissue restore, and total progress and upkeep of the physique.
  • Shrimp additionally provide a considerable quantity of protein, with round 18-20 grams per 100 grams. Protein performs an important position in numerous bodily features, together with enzymatic reactions, hormone manufacturing, and immune system assist.

Fats Content material

Varieties of fat in prawns and shrimp:

  • Each prawns and shrimp comprise a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fat.
  • They’re additionally a supply of omega-3 fatty acids, that are useful for coronary heart well being, mind operate, and lowering irritation within the physique.

Comparability of fats content material between prawns and shrimp:

  • Prawns typically have a decrease fats content material in comparison with shrimp. They comprise roughly 1-2 grams of fats per 100 grams.
  • Shrimp, then again, have barely increased fats ranges, averaging round 1.5-3 grams per 100 grams.

(It’s price noting that the fats content material could range relying on the cooking methodology and the particular species of prawns or shrimp.)

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals

Important nutritional vitamins and minerals in prawns:

Prawns are supply of a number of important nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with:

  • Vitamin B12: Necessary for nerve operate and the manufacturing of pink blood cells.
  • Vitamin E: Acts as an antioxidant and helps defend cells from injury.
  • Selenium: Performs an important position in antioxidant defence and helps immune operate.
  • Zinc: Important for immune system operate, cell progress, and wound therapeutic.

Important nutritional vitamins and minerals in shrimp:

Shrimp present important nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with:

  • Vitamin D: Helps calcium absorption and promotes bone well being.
  • Vitamin B12: Essential for pink blood cell formation and nerve operate.
  • Phosphorus: Necessary for bone well being, power manufacturing, and DNA synthesis.
  • Copper: Required for the manufacturing of pink blood cells and collagen synthesis.

Well being Advantages OF Prawns and Shrimp

Eye Well being

Prawns and shrimp are wealthy in vitamins that assist eye well being, reminiscent of omega-3 fatty acids, astaxanthin, and vitamin A. Omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin have been related to a decreased threat of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and improved visible operate. Analysis proves that vitamin A is crucial for sustaining good imaginative and prescient and performs a task in defending the floor of the eyes.

Mind Perform

The omega-3 fatty acids present in prawns and shrimp are essential for optimum mind operate and improvement. Research have proven that omega-3 fatty acids could assist enhance cognitive operate and reminiscence, and scale back the chance of cognitive decline. Together with prawns or shrimp within the food regimen can contribute to total mind well being and probably scale back the chance of neurological problems.

Immune System Assist

Prawns and shrimp present important vitamins, together with selenium, zinc, and vitamin B12, which assist a wholesome immune system. Based on research, selenium and zinc are concerned in immune operate, whereas vitamin B12 performs a task within the manufacturing of immune cells. Satisfactory consumption of those vitamins from prawns or shrimp may also help assist immune system operate and defend in opposition to infections and ailments.

Weight Administration:

Prawns and shrimp are low in energy and fats whereas being excessive in protein. Analysis exhibits that high-protein meals like prawns and shrimp may also help enhance satiety, scale back urge for food, and assist weight administration. Incorporating prawns or shrimp right into a balanced food regimen may be useful for these trying to handle their weight or assist weight reduction targets.

Bone Well being

Prawns and shrimp comprise minerals reminiscent of phosphorus and copper, that are essential for bone well being. Research point out that phosphorus is an important element of bone construction, whereas copper contributes to collagen manufacturing and bone power. Together with prawns or shrimp within the food regimen may also help assist sturdy bones and scale back the chance of osteoporosis.

Coronary heart Well being

The mix of omega-3 fatty acids, low saturated fats content material, and antioxidants present in prawns and shrimp contributes to coronary heart well being. As per analysis, Omega-3 fatty acids assist scale back irritation, decrease blood strain, and enhance levels of cholesterol, lowering the chance of coronary heart illness. The low saturated fats content material in prawns and shrimp helps sustaining wholesome levels of cholesterol and cardiovascular operate.

Power Manufacturing

Prawns and shrimp are good sources of B nutritional vitamins, together with vitamin B6 and niacin (vitamin B3). These B nutritional vitamins play an important position in power manufacturing by serving to convert meals into usable power, as indicated on this research. Satisfactory consumption of B nutritional vitamins from prawns or shrimp can assist total power ranges and metabolism.

Collagen Formation

Prawns and shrimp comprise vitamins that assist collagen formation, reminiscent of vitamin C and copper. Collagen is a protein that gives construction to the pores and skin, bones, tendons, and different connective tissues. Together with prawns or shrimp within the food regimen can assist collagen manufacturing, which is essential for sustaining pores and skin elasticity and joint well being.

Temper Regulation

Omega-3 fatty acids present in prawns and shrimp have been linked to improved temper and psychological well-being. Research have proven that omega-3 fatty acids could assist scale back signs of despair and assist total psychological well being. Incorporating prawns or shrimp into the food regimen could contribute to a optimistic temper and emotional steadiness.

Anti-Inflammatory Results

Prawns and shrimp comprise anti-inflammatory compounds, together with omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin. Analysis hyperlinks continual irritation with numerous ailments, together with coronary heart illness, diabetes, and sure kinds of most cancers. Consuming prawns or shrimp, which have anti-inflammatory properties, could assist scale back irritation and decrease the chance of continual ailments.

Pores and skin Well being

The mix of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals present in prawns and shrimp can promote wholesome pores and skin. Scientific research show that omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants assist defend the pores and skin from oxidative stress and injury attributable to free radicals. Moreover, analysis signifies that the mineral content material, together with selenium and copper, helps pores and skin well being by aiding in collagen manufacturing and selling wound therapeutic.

Muscle Perform

Prawns and shrimp are wealthy in high-quality protein, which is crucial for muscle progress, restore, and upkeep. As per analysis, protein is essential for muscle operate and may also help assist bodily efficiency and restoration from train. Together with prawns or shrimp in a balanced food regimen can present the required protein for optimum muscle operate.


Prawns and shrimp provide a variety of well being advantages when consumed as a part of a balanced food regimen. They’re each glorious sources of high-quality protein, low in saturated fats, and supply important vitamins reminiscent of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals (like selenium and phosphorus), and nutritional vitamins (together with B12 and vitamin A). Each promote coronary heart well being, assist mind operate, enhance the immune system, and contribute to eye well being. Moreover, they possess antioxidant properties, assist in weight administration, assist bone well being, and assist in collagen formation for wholesome pores and skin. Incorporating prawns or shrimp into meals can present quite a few well being advantages, however particular person dietary wants must be thought of.

Cooking and Preparation Strategies for Prawns and Shrimp

Versatility in Culinary Functions

  • Prawns and shrimp are extremely versatile elements that can be utilized in quite a lot of culinary functions.
  • They are often grilled, sautéed, steamed, boiled, baked, or included into stir-fries, pasta dishes, salads, soups, and extra.
  • Prawns and shrimp are standard in numerous cuisines, together with Asian, Mediterranean, and seafood-based dishes.

Components to Take into account When Cooking Prawns or Shrimp

  • Freshness: Select recent prawns or shrimp for optimum style and texture. They need to have a gentle ocean scent and agency, translucent flesh.
  • Cleansing and Deveining: Earlier than cooking, it’s endorsed to wash and devein prawns or shrimp to take away any grit or intestinal tract.
  • Cooking Time: Prawns and shrimp prepare dinner shortly and may turn out to be robust and rubbery if overcooked. Observe cooking time pointers to make sure they’re cooked simply till they flip opaque and curl.
  • Seasoning: Prawns and shrimp may be enhanced with quite a lot of seasonings, reminiscent of garlic, herbs, lemon, spices, and marinades, so as to add flavour and depth to the dish.
  • Warmth Management: Use applicable warmth ranges when cooking prawns or shrimp to keep away from burning or overcooking. Medium to excessive warmth is usually appropriate for many cooking strategies.
  • Security Precautions: Guarantee correct meals dealing with and cooking practices to forestall foodborne diseases. Keep away from cross-contamination with uncooked seafood and apply good hygiene.

Wholesome Recipes Utilizing Prawns

1. Prawn Mango Lettuce Salad


1. Prawn – 10, massive

2. Mango- 80 g, items

3. Lettuce- 55 g, shredded

4. Salt – to style

5. Pepper – 1 tsp

6. Garlic – 2 cloves, minced

7. Oil – 1 tsp

8. Dijon Mustard – 1 tbsp

9. Vinegar – 1 tsp

10. Honey – 1 tsp


1. Marinate prawns in salt, pepper and garlic for 15-20 minutes. 

2. Warmth oil in a pan and as soon as scorching, add within the marinated prawns and prepare dinner till they flip opaque. 

3. Permit the prawns to chill barely then add right into a bowl with the mango and lettuce. 

4. Combine the mustard, honey and vinegar to make a French dressing and pour this over the salad. 

5. Season with salt and pepper if wanted. 

6. Toss properly and serve instantly.

2. Garlic Pepper Prawns


1. Garlic – 4 cloves, minced

2. Prawns – 250 g

3. Pepper – 1 tbsp

4. Salt – to style

5. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

6. Olive Oil – 1 tbsp

7. Parsley – 1 tbsp, minced


1. Marinate the prawns with salt, pepper, lemon juice and garlic for 15-20 minutes.

2. Warmth a skillet with olive oil and as soon as scorching, add within the marinated prawns. 

3. Cook dinner properly on all sides till the prawns develop a stunning golden brown color. 

4. High with recent parsley and serve scorching.

Wholesome Recipes Utilizing Shrimp 

1. Tandoori Shrimp


1. Shrimp – 250 g

2. Salt – to  style

3. Tandoori Masala – 1 tbsp

4. Curd – 2 tbsp

5. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

6. Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp

7. Olive Oil – 1 tbsp


1. Add curd to a bowl and whisk till clean. 

2. Add within the tandoori masala, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste and salt and blend properly. 

3. Add within the shrimp and marinate for half-hour. 

4. Warmth a pan with oil and add within the shrimp and prepare dinner or in case you have a grill, add oil to them and grill them for about 15-20 minutes till cooked.

5. Serve scorching.

2. Shrimp Cocktail


1. Shrimp – 250 g

2. Hen Soup Dice – 1 

3. Water – 250 ml

4. Tomato Paste – 4 tbsp

5. Chilli Powder – 1 tbsp

6. Pepper Powder- ½ tsp

7. Pink Pepper Sauce  – ½ tsp

8. Honey – 1 tablespoon


1. Warmth water in a pan and as soon as scorching add within the soup dice and blend properly. 

2. As soon as the water boils, add within the shrimp and prepare dinner till they flip pink and curl up. 

3. Permit the shrimp to chill after which place it throughout the sting of a cocktail glass.

4. Combine the tomato paste, chilli powder, pepper powder, pepper sauce and honey properly. 

5. Pour this into the centre of the cocktail glass. 

6. Serve instantly.

Concerns for Selecting Prawns or Shrimp

Prawns and shrimp belong to the shellfish household, which is a standard meals allergen. The precise allergens in prawns and shrimp that set off allergic reactions are proteins referred to as tropomyosin and arginine kinase. Allergic reactions to shellfish can vary from gentle signs like itching and hives to extreme reactions like issue respiration or anaphylaxis.

If in case you have a identified allergy to prawns or shrimp, it’s important to keep away from consumption to forestall allergic reactions.

People with shellfish allergic reactions also needs to be cautious of cross-contamination, as even hint quantities of allergens can set off a response.

It’s advisable to learn meals labels fastidiously and inquire concerning the presence of prawns or shrimp in dishes when eating out.

People with shellfish allergic reactions may have to hold an epinephrine auto-injector (reminiscent of an EpiPen) in case of unintentional publicity.

HealthifyMe Suggestion 

Primarily based on availability or pricing, you possibly can choose both of those crustaceans to make a luxurious preparation. Since each these do comprise some quantity of saturated fat, guarantee to keep away from consuming them in fried varieties. As a substitute go for roasted, grilled, baked or barbecued variations. 


In conclusion, when evaluating shrimp and prawns, each provide related dietary profiles and well being advantages. They’re glorious sources of lean protein, low in saturated fats, and comprise important vitamins like omega-3 fatty acids, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Each contribute to coronary heart well being, assist mind operate, assist in weight administration, and supply numerous different advantages reminiscent of selling eye well being, immune system assist, and bone well being.

Whereas there are minor variations in style and look, the selection between shrimp and prawns typically comes down to non-public choice, availability, and culinary functions. It’s essential to think about components like allergic reactions, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions when consuming both choice. Moreover, practising correct meals security, sustainable sourcing, and cooking methods are important for an fulfilling and protected eating expertise.

In the end, whether or not you select shrimp or prawns, incorporating them right into a balanced food regimen can present a variety of well being advantages, culinary versatility, and scrumptious meals.

Disclaimer: The aim of this text is simply to disperse data and lift consciousness. It doesn’t intend to interchange medical recommendation from professionals. For additional data please contact our licensed nutritionists Right here

Ceaselessly Requested Questions 

Q. Which is healthier: shrimp or prawn?

The selection between shrimp and prawn typically comes down to non-public choice. They’ve related dietary profiles and provide comparable well being advantages. Style, texture, and availability could range, so it’s finest to attempt each and resolve which you favor.

Q. Is prawn a superfood?

Whereas “superfood” shouldn’t be a scientific time period, prawns are thought of a nutrient-dense meals as a consequence of their excessive protein content material, low fats, and supply of nutritional vitamins and minerals. They provide a number of well being advantages when consumed as a part of a balanced food regimen.

Q. Are prawns anti-inflammatory?

Prawns comprise sure compounds, reminiscent of omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin, which have proven anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming prawns, together with an total anti-inflammatory food regimen, could assist scale back irritation within the physique.

Q. Is shrimp okay to eat day by day?

Whereas shrimp is a nutritious meals, it’s not needed or really useful to eat it day by day. A assorted food regimen that features a variety of meals is mostly really useful for optimum vitamin. It’s essential to steadiness protein sources and incorporate quite a lot of fruits, greens, complete grains, and different proteins into your meals.

Q. What are the 6 well being advantages of shrimp?

Six well being advantages of shrimp embrace a high-quality protein supply, coronary heart well being assist, mind operate assist, weight administration assist, immune system assist and eye well being promotion. 

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